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Electric Stove Not Turning On – Common Day To Day Stove Problems

Why Does My Stove Not Turning On?

If your stove not turning on, it could be due to many reasons. The kitchen is one of the most favourite places for many people in a home. Most people spend a lot of their time in the kitchen. Most people look for food in the kitchen, but some like to cook.

Imagine you have guests tonight! They are all banking on you and your skills to provide them a dining experience of their life. You are confident and ready.

What happens if the stove is insistent on embarrassing you? The stove not turning on or a weak flame can turn your food into a disaster.

Let us highlight some problems that people often face while cooking on a stove.

Gas Range With Weak Flame

Have you noticed that when you first buy a stove, the flame is flashy and robust? It seems as if it will consume anything. You are also careful and watchful not to burn any food as the flame is often intense.

As time progresses, the flashiness and swagger of the flame die down. The heat is lost, and it cools down. Even when you turn the stove valve or gauge, the flames barely increase.

Electric Stove With Greasy Surface

Cooking is crazy! It requires you to move a few stones and make some dirt.

As a result, you make a mess. The oil and peelings drop on the surface of the range or stove. The cover is coated in grease and oil. It makes the kitchen look dirty and old. It gives a wrong impression to the visitors, and you cannot show off your lovely skills live.

Apart from the bad looks, it also creates a foul smell or stinks. When the stove is turned on, the heat boils up the grease. The smell rising from this process is very strong. It affects the hygiene of your food and thus affects your health too.

Make sure you clean up the surface with soap or dishwasher. It is hard to do it daily. However, doing it from time to time will give better results.

stove not turning on

Clogged Up Burner

The weak flam we mentioned has many reasons. Clogged-up Burner is one of them.

There are fine pores in the burner that allows for gas to burn. The greasiness and oil can enter into the delicate pores that act as a gas outlet.  That affects the quantity of gas that comes out for burning. It reduces the flame and the temperature of the stove. It can significantly affect the quality of your food.

Electric Fault

Most stoves are electric now. The old ones also have an electric connection for the oven o baking part.

The stove not turning on may be a result of some electrical fault. Identify the cause. If you find any burned-up sockets or smell the wires burning, get instant help from experts. 


Some of these problems are easy fixes. It only requires you to make your hands dirty or pick up some tools. Getting expert help is advisable. Same Day Appliance Repair provides excellent stove repair services. They deal in the repair of electrical appliances and products. Contact us Today!

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