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Squeaking Dryer

What are the potential causes of a noisy dryer, and how to fix them?

From dishwashers and refrigerators to washing machines, dryers, oven and stove, all of these modern appliances work great for all kinds of living situations and also assist in keeping our chores short and sweet.

What is the importance of dryers?

Squeaky Dryers could get very annoying. This great household appliance has eradicated the level of physical efforts associated with laundry after washing in a washing machine. They indeed have brought comfort in people’s lives as they remove moisture from multiple laundry loads after they are passed in a washing machine. They are significantly in demand for the past few years because they save both time and effort as the process of drying wet clothes on a pole or liner usually takes a day or more. 

Taking dryers into thought, people face a common issue because they start to make squeaking dryer sounds after a specific time. It not only creates nuisance and disturbance but is also an indication of a bigger problem. 

To help you solve this issue, here are a few troubleshooting tips that will help you identify the underlying problem and decide the best course of action to resolve it yourself. 

●     Remove power from the dryer.

First and foremost, always unplug the unit first and disconnect the utilities. Performing the repair tasks without removing the power increases the dangers of electric shock injury. To avoid these mishaps, you should also consider wearing a pair of gloves as a precaution.

●     Find the problem site.

According to the experts, the typical reason behind squeaking dryers is damaged and worn-out parts.

Identify the location from where the squeaking noise is coming. If you hear the sound from the upper portion of the dryer, there might be an issue with a dryer belt. However, louder noises from behind the unit suggest a main hitch-bearing problem, and if you hear something close to the floor, you are probably experiencing an issue with an idler pulley or motor.

●     Examine the dryer vent

A clean dryer vent is necessary for proper functioning. One of the most frequent reasons why dryers start squeaking is the accumulation of debris and dirt. Always make sure that the dryer vent is not clogged and is clear of grime and lint. The collection of waste not only blocks the passage but also makes the airflow impossible. As a result, the dryer fails to circulate air properly.

●      Level the dryer

A quick fix to the squeaking dryer is to check if it is adequately levelled on the floor. Constantly adjust the dryer’s feet to avoid unnecessary nuisance. You can use a carpenter’s level to check which feet need adjustment and then change them with a wrench.

●     Inspect the inside face of the door

Another reason why the dryer is squeaking is the dirt buildup around the door seal. This dirt might prevent the door from closing completely, and as a result, the dryer starts to make strange sounds.

●     Examine the motor

The specially designed bearings on the dryer motor allow the driveshaft to spin. If the motor is causing the sound, then probably the problem is the worn-out bearings. You have the option of having the motor repaired or replaced, but it might fall too heavily on your pocket. 


All appliances, from washing machines to dryers, have a certain lifespan. After years of repeated use, these appliances start to act up and encounter problems such as squeaking.

You can do some of the restorations yourself. However, if you are uncertain, you can consult Same Day Appliance Repair to help you solve the issue effectively.

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