Hotpoint Appliance Repair

When you need a Hotpoint appliance repair and fast, there’s no better place to go than the experts at Same Day Appliance Repair. HotpointComing out of retirement after more than 20 years, we bring our wealth of experience to bear on your help. No matter what kind of problem you have with an appliance, such as cooking appliances like ovens or dishwasher problems, we can fix it for you quickly so that you’re back cooking and cleaning in no time. 

With friendly customer service reps working overtime to help satisfy every client sitting before them with a puzzling humming sound coming from their dryer. If you need Hotpoint Appliance Solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality service and a friendly face, with over twenty years’ worth of experience. Our services range from appliance repairs (including dishwashers, tumble dryers, fridges, etc.), laundry repairs and gas safety checks, and fridge installation or replacements.

The Brand - Hotpoint

Hotpoint has been around for many years. Hotpoint, as a company, is a division of General Electric and Whirlpool, held rights over the years. Merloni retains the most control over Hotpoint today. However, it still makes appliances for homes worldwide due to its powerhouse technology and design details that are hard to beat out there on the market!
Hotpoint is a brand of home appliances that have become globally recognized throughout the years. The brand brags many high-end appliances between its brand and is a subsidiary to other companies like Italy’s Merloni. Hotpoint still makes fantastic products for homes within Canada, America and Europe today with so much great variety!

Same Day Hotpoint Repair

We specialize in repairing Hotpoint appliances and offer same-day service at your convenience. We have extensive knowledge of various makes and models of Hotpoint Appliances such as ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators with icemakers, washing machines, dryers, cooktops or ovens. We understand that you depend on these products to function properly when they are needed the most, which is why a quick repair is our top priority! Our Hotpoint technicians are available in and around Toronto to provide same-day repairs for your home appliance. When you call us, we can usually dispatch a technician within two hours to help with all of your needs–this includes installation, removal and replacement services. We offer free service calls with any repair throughout the Greater Toronto Area!

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