Why Your Fridge Isn’t Cooling? Causes Behind Inadequate Cooling

What to do when your fridge stops cooling

Fridge not cooling is a common problem that many people face. Fridges are an essential requirement, and it is tough to visualize everyday life without them. From keeping vegetables and fruits fresh to avoiding spoilage of food, a fridge caters to all the needs. Almost everything that we eat requires to be stored at a cold temperature to eradicate the possibility of spoilage. With the importance of such magnitude, investing money in a good refrigerator is a sensible decision. A good refrigerator can work excellently anywhere between 5–10 years. However, what if you wake up one day to find everything falling apart? The fridge you own and take pride in has failed to fulfil its purpose, i.e., it’s not cooling properly. 

Do not fret; the fridge not cooling is a common problem that many people face, and the reasons behind it are listed below: 

Check the vents:

Most of the time, the fridge is overflowing with food. As a result, the vents are blocked, making it difficult for cold air to circulate. To ensure that the fridge functions properly, adjust the boxes and containers regularly to avoid obstructing the vents.

Check the condenser coils:

As time passes and the fridge stays in the same position for quite some time, dust and dirt may accumulate around the condenser coils located beneath. Consequently, the fridge may not produce adequate cooling as the coils are not working efficiently to release the heat. 

It is important to vacuum and clean the condenser coils regularly to avoid unforeseen problems. However, if the problem persists, contact a professional. 

fridge not cooling

Check the condenser fan: 

What if the condenser fan is faulty or not working altogether? A lesser-known fact is that the condenser fan is responsible for keeping the compressor and coils working sufficiently. When they are not cooled properly and break down, the heat builds up within, preventing the fridge from cooling. 

Make sure that the condenser fan is clean. If this does not help, check the motor to fix the problem. 

Check the compressor:

The main component responsible for the vital function of the fridge, i.e., cooling, is not working properly. With time, the compressor is bound to become faulty or work less efficiently. Naturally, the cooling process comes to a stop and makes the fridge useless. 

Always keep the compressor maintained to ensure adequate activity, as making responsible decisions at the right time can help you save a lot of money. 

Check the thermostat:

Very often, the main reason why the fridge not cooling properly is that the thermostat is turned down. Therefore, it is important to set the thermostat at the desired temperature. 

Before calling a maintenance specialist, always check the thermostat first. It will help avoid unnecessary expenses and save your as well as the specialist’s time. 


It is a very common problem that may arise in a fridge as it gets old, and throwing away or getting a new one isn’t always an option. Therefore, if the fridge is not cooling as it should or making loud noises, immediately check for the cause and resolve the issue. If you feel like you are not experienced enough, contact us at Same Day Appliance Repair can be your saviour and fix the issues entirely without mishaps.

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