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Your Fridge Leaking Water? How To Deal with Your Refrigerator

Water Leaking From Fridge

When your fridge leaking water, it could damage a well-constructed and decorated house. But you don’t have to worry. There’s a solution for everything. Certain types of equipment are required to make the process of settling and living comparatively suitable. One such essential piece of equipment, the Refrigerator, was invented almost a century ago, and since then, it has been positively transforming the lives of humans.

Previously, in ancient times, storing food was a complex process that involved many efforts. However, the entire course of life shifted as soon as a refrigerator came into existence. Keeping food is now easier than ever; not only does it provide ease, but it also helps protect the environment as no food is going to waste because of spoilage.

How do refrigerators increase the shelf-life of food?

How do you think food gets spoiled? Does it randomly decide to do so? That’s not the case. According to leading biologists, the food is spoiled as a result of microbial growth. The bacteria thrive in warm temperatures and grow at an exponential rate. Therefore, that is why the food ends up being spoiled if left out all night.

However, the growth of bacteria can be terminated or slowed to an extent if the temperature is lowered. This is how refrigerators play a part in increasing the shelf-life of food as the cold atmosphere does not favour the living conditions required by bacteria to grow. Consequently, the food lasts a long time.

fridge leaking water

What causes a refrigerator to leak water? 

Very often, the wear-and-tear may arise some problems with the refrigerator. If your Refrigerator is leaking, do not worry as it is a relatively common problem and can be resolved quickly. However, the foremost thing that must be done is to identify the reason that is causing the leak. Here are some reasons that might be causing the issue: 

A blocked defrost drain: 

The majority of times, the defrost drain is blocked by food or other stuff stored in the freezer, resulting in a leak. In order to save yourself from cleaning the floor back and forth because the Refrigerator won’t stop leaking, clean the defrost drain weekly, as this can help avoid any unwanted workload. 

A faulty door: 

Is the door of the Refrigerator making trouble while closing? Chances are the rubber seal is defective, or something inside is causing hindrance. As a result, the condensation Sis increased because of which a leak could stem. 

Improper positioning: 

It is essential to place the Refrigerator in such a position that the front is slightly higher than the back. Such a setting allows the coolant to circulate easily within the pipes. If anything restricts the flow, it may cause the Refrigerator to work excessively, causing excessive condensation that result in a leak. 


Refrigerators are a requisite for a functional household. Therefore, any problem with it may bring about a lot of trouble. The task of resolving any issue related to a leaking refrigerator is seemingly effortless, yet if you are unable to do it by yourself, reach out to Same Day Appliance Repairs—this repair service guarantees to fix the issue within a short span.

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