Frequently asked questions.

Question for our services

We service any available brand in the market, whether it's a European or North American. You can check our BRANDS section for the most common brands listed on our site. Contact us for brands that you can't find on our website.

Fixing any appliance on the same day is nearly impossible. We strive to repair them on the first visit and thus carry fully loaded trucks with replacement parts. In some rare cases, it has to do with the manufacture and not about our capabilities.

We accept all major credit cards, debit, cash and American Express. Personal cheques are not accepted in any way.

To avoid extra charges, we stopped quoting over the phone. For a precise quote, we will need to check the appliance before providing an estimate for the repair.

Question about Appliances

It's always better to fix your appliances and much cheaper than getting a new one in most cases. If your appliance is not worth fixing, our pros will advise you when buying a new one is the better route.

It doesn't matter which brand you use. Appliances are devices that serve us day to day. The more you use it, the sooner you will need service.

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