How to Repair a Malfunctioning Dryer Not Heating Up

What To Do When Your Dryer Produce No Heat?

When your dryer not heating up, wringing clothes by hand is very similar to the fatigue of exercise. It pulls the muscles and causes pain and discomfort.

Imagine that people had to wring clothes to make them dry sooner. It was the norm until dryers took over the world by storm.

As the name suggests, Dryers is a machine or electric appliance that dries clothes right after you wash them. It makes drying very speedy and efficient. Dryers are used in public laundries, hotels, and homes. They are pretty much a daily use product.

Dryers are used very often. Therefore, some internal wear and tear may affect its performance.

Is the Dryer Drum Moving?

Inside the dryer is a drum or perforated drum. This drum moves when the dryer is plugged in. A moving drum removes water from the clothes by centrifuge method.

An immobile drum means that your dryer does not get the power or electric connection to function. This is seemingly easy to diagnose and solve. Replacing the switch or plug does the job in this case.

dryer not heating up

No Heating: Greater Cause of Concern

An immobile dryer drum is easy to diagnose and solve.

A significant cause of concern is diagnosing a problem when the dryer drum is moving. A moving drum that produces no heat is hard to diagnose. This is one type of malfunctioning dryers.

There are several protocols you can follow. Many factors play a role in the dryer not heating up. A dryer requires ample heat to dry the clothes.

Thermal Fuse

A fuse is a tool. It acts as a circuit breaker. When the temperature of the wires becomes unbearable and exceeds the limit, the fuse will blow or turn off.

A similar thermal fuse is used in dryers. They turn off or melt when the temperature is exceedingly unbearable.

In case you find the thermal fuse blown up or turned off, replace or turn it on. There are older models of fuses that blow up or melt. These need replacement once they do their job. There are newer fuses that work as switches. It only breaks a circuit at some point. It is reversible, so you need only to switch it on.

Blocked Exhaust Vent

Exhaust Vent is the flexible pipes that direct the outflow of wet and hot air from the dryer. You can find this by removing a back panel.

Continuous use of the dryer can cause the blocking of the exhaust vent. Debris or any other particles can block the pipes. The blocked pipes prevent the hot and wet air from the dryer to move out. The temperature of the dryer can rise in this case. As a result, the fuse will blow up. Hence the drum will move, but the dryer will not produce enough heat to dry the clothes.

You can clean the exhaust Vent easily. Be careful when you remove the pipes and wires.


If your dryer not heating up and you can’t figure it out by yourself. Get help from an expert or contact Same Day Appliance Repair. They have the best services and reasonable prices.

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