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Are you looking for appliance repair services in Burlington?Burlington Then call Same Day Appliance Repair Burlington. And our professional appliance repair specialist will be at your door in no time. 

Our appliance specialists are well trained and experienced. They have the expertise to fix all home appliances. Gone are the days when you had to wait for days to get your home appliances fixed. Thus, our specialists have a turnaround time of the same day.

Burlington Ontario


Burlington is a city in the Regional Municipality of Halton at the northwestern end of Lake Ontario in Ontario, Canada. Along with Milton to the north, Burlington forms the Greater Toronto Area’s western end. And is also part of the Hamilton metropolitan census area. At the southwestern end of Lake Ontario, Burlington is to the northeast of Hamilton and the Niagara Peninsula. Roughly in the geographic centre of the urban corridor known as the Golden Horseshoe. 


The main metropolitan area is south of the Parkway Belt and Hwy 407. The land north of this and north Aldershot is used for agriculture, residential and conservation purposes. The Niagara Escarpment, Lake Ontario and the sloping plain between the Escarpment and the lake make up Burlington’s land area. The city is no longer a port; sailing vessels in the area are used for recreational purposes and moor at a 215 slip marina in LaSalle Park.

Burlington’s climate is humid continental with warm, humid summers and cold, somewhat drier winters. Its proximity to Lake Ontario moderates the climate. Monthly mean temperatures range from 22.5 °C in July to −4.4 °C in January. However, it shares the temperate climate found in Southern Ontario. Its proximity to Lake Ontario moderates winters temperatures. And benefits from the Niagara Escarpment sheltering effect.

Same Day Appliance Repair Burlington

Same Day Appliance Repair Burlington offers you peace of mind when it comes to fixing your appliances. For this reason, our technicians are available 24/7 throughout the year. We provide emergency services such as fridge repair or a leaking washing machine for your convenience. You can book an appointment with our specialist anytime during the day. At Same Day Appliance Repair, we employ over 17 technicians on the road and 20 years of experience.

Refrigerator Repair Burlington

Refrigerator giving you trouble? You don't need to worry. As our home appliance repair, Burlington can visit and fix your refrigerator the same day. Providing that, we carry most common parts on our trucks, to ensure a fast and reliable repair. At same-day appliance repair, we understand the urgency of a non-working fridge. Hence, we offer same-day service to make sure your fridge starts working as soon as possible.

Stove Repair Burlington

There is no harm in trying to fix any minor stove issues yourself. Yet, it is recommended to call a specialist if you're not sure what's wrong with your stove. For this reason, Our experts at Same Day Appliance Repair Burlington can take care of all stove repair issues. Don't hesitate to call us today to book the nearest technician available.

Oven Repair Burlington

Imagine you're hungry, you turn on your Oven, and it's not responding! We know it sounds terrible, but things like that happen, and that is why we are here to take care of any Oven repair issues. As Oven repair, Burlington has expert technicians to help you with any oven issues you may have.

Washing Machine Repair Burlington

No one likes a laundry heap when your washing machine is out of order. And you don't know how to get things in order. Call our washing machine repair specialist, and they will fix it professionally. We understand that a washer that leaks on your floor could end up with expensive damage. Thus, we offer same-day appliance service to secure your appliance and save you money.

Dryer Repair Burlington

Dryer not working? Not to worry, as our home appliance repair Burlington experts can take care of any such issues. They can fix any of the dryer issues in no time so that it doesn't waste your valuable time. Whether it's a gas or electric dryer, our certified technicians can tackle the problem and fix any malfunctioning dryer.

Dishwasher Repair Burlington

A noisy dishwasher can give a real headache. And a leaking dishwasher could damage our floors. Thus, it is essential to call a reliable dishwasher repair company as soon as the problem starts. Same Day Appliance Repair Burlington offers same-day dishwasher repair to cut your worries and fix your dishwasher as fast as possible in a professional way.

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