Appliance Brands We Fix


Our days are dictated so much by the appliances and tools we use, around our home, that when something doesn’t work properly you really notice the effects. This is something that many of our customers mention to us, once we’ve had a chance to fix their broken machine. From the moment their home appliance breaks down, they realize that without a properly functioning dishwasher (for example) their evening schedule is shifted unexpectedly by the time it takes to wash dishes by hand.

24/7 Same Day Appliance Repair Service

Or their job interview is at risk because the shirt they expected to wear – their lucky shirt – was ruined by an
overheated dryer. What we don’t realize is that we take many of these day-to-day tasks we do for granted and don’t realize the real impact it has when we cannot do them efficiently. We run this business because we believe that with the skills our technicians possess, there’s no reason why anyone should wait around and be inconvenienced by a broken down machine.

So whatever age or brand name you own (be it common or rare, like Amana), we encourage you to give us a call the moment you notice anything wrong with your machine. The sooner you call, the sooner we are able to diagnose the problem and the faster you will be on your way back to your normal routine. With same day, on-site services there is no reason why you should go a minute longer than you need to before your appliance is fixed and working properly again.